Ready, set, wax! Hairless heroes for kids’ cancer

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Get prepared to grit those teeth and wax it off - just five seconds of ouch! to support families facing childhood cancer.

Let it rip and take on the Redkite waxing challenge!

Will you take on the challenge of waxing part (or all!) of your body this October to help families face the challenge of childhood cancer?

Get friends and family to sponsor you for your hairoic feat - and perhaps even assist or witness the big moment with cameras to hand?

Or why not challenge your mates or colleagues to take part as a team, choose their spot (chest, leg, arm, eyebrow, beard, head?) and wax as one!

No pain, no gain! This is a challenge that’s really raw, but really, really worth it. Every patch of your new smooth bod will make a difference to families facing childhood cancer.

“Because thank you isn’t enough.”

Nathan and Naomi’s son, Ollie, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer at the age of just six. Since then, the family’s life has been turned upside down - they’ve had to drop everything and relocate close to Westmead Hospital in Sydney and they’ve had to witness their son enduring intensive treatment, including two rounds of chemotherapy.

Redkite have been there for the family throughout all the stress and anxiety - providing practical, day-to-day support, connecting them with other services, and offering them specialist counselling. 

Nathan says, “The support Redkite provides to us is life-saving. That’s why I want to be part of You Little Ripper, and help Redkite support other families like mine. Because thank you isn’t enough.”

About Redkite

Every day in Australia, three families will hear the words ‘your child has cancer’.  Holding it together when your child’s life is in question can feel impossible.

Redkite gives families the strength they need to face childhood cancer, providing practical, emotional and financial support. So they don’t have to face cancer alone.

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