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"I am participating in the You Little Ripper challenge, raising vital funds for Redkite who have supported my family during the toughest time in our lives. I encourage you to let it rip with me this October"

Nathan - Redkite family ambassador

Nathan and Ollie

How it works

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Register your interest and get your friends or workmates involved too - the more the merrier!

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Let everyone know you’ll be letting it rip in October and ask family, friends and workmates to sponsor you.

Wax the hair

Prepare to grit those teeth and wax it off - just five seconds of ouch! to support families facing childhood cancer.

Meet Peter and Eli

"To pick up the pieces for us, it’s exactly what we needed."

A cancer diagnosis is devastating for any child’s family; but for their siblings, it can be especially hard. When Peter and Jennifer were told their baby Eli had a neuroblastoma (a rare form of paediatric cancer) at just six weeks old, their three other children took it badly.

Their parents spent the next three months with baby Eli in hospital, which took its toll on their older children. So their Redkite social worker sat them down with a picture book about cancer and how chemotherapy affects children and their hair. Peter, meanwhile, read the stories on the Redkite website, which gave him much-needed hope.

“The hardest thing was not knowing what to expect” says Jennifer. “To have an organisation that is there to pick up the pieces for us, it’s exactly what we needed. We’re just so grateful.”

Peter Northey and Eli

Your questions answered

Is there an age limit for taking part?

Yes, you must be over 18 to take part in You Little Ripper.

What will the money I raise be used for?

The money raised through You Little Ripper will ensure that Redkite can continue to give families the strength they need to face childhood cancer. 

How can I sponsor someone taking part?

First search for the participant on this page, then: a) arrive at their online fundraising page; b) click or tap the red “Donate” button; c) complete the form with your payment details. We’ll email you with a tax-deductible receipt.

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