About Redkite

A lifeline for families facing cancer

For years, Redkite has been helping families when their life is shattered by their child’s cancer diagnosis.

Every day in Australia, three families will hear the words: “your child has cancer”, and what they hear is “your child might die”. The life of that child, and of their entire family, will never be the same.

In the daunting, long and traumatic experience that follows diagnosis, a child needs as much stability and support from their family as possible.

But at Redkite we see every day, when a child’s life is in question, it can feel impossible for families to keep functioning and to hold it together not only for their sick child but for one another.

Redkite is a lifeline for these families – no matter where they live in Australia, no matter what cancer their child has, no matter what their socioeconomic background.

The money raised through You Little Ripper will ensure that Redkite can continue to give back to families some of what a cancer diagnosis can rob from them – a child’s potential, healthy meaningful connections with family and friends, mental resilience, and financial stability.

The difference you'll make

For more than 40 years, Redkite has been helping families hold it together when the child they love has cancer. We can only do this with the generous support of our supporter community.

Practical support

We help families navigate the world of childhood cancer with a range of information, resources and programs.

Emotional support

We provide counselling for parents and children as well as specialist social workers to help families cope with the challenges they face.

Financial support

We help cover day-to-day expenses such as bills, groceries and fuel when parents are caring for their child and unable to work. 

Meet Katie and Joshua

“It was amazing, amazing having that support.”

Katie got a phone call on the school run that all parents dread; ‘I’m worried by Josh’s blood test results. Please take him straight to emergency’. Katie recalls “before, if anyone had said the word leukaemia I’d think, that's not what will happen to us. It's not my story. But then it does”.

Josh has two brothers and was five when he started suffering from a fever. And the impact of his diagnosis and lengthy chemo treatment on every aspect of his family’s life, from its finances to Katie and husband Scott’s marriage, was huge.

“Redkite was absolutely incredible” says Katie. “It’s hard to ask for financial help. You get yourself in a real state. And it was amazing, amazing having that support.”

Katie and Joshua

Our impact in 2022

9,500 information, counselling and support sessions

delivered to help families manage the impact of cancer

3,000+ music therapy sessions

to help children cope with the pain and stress of their treatment

6,600 support sessions

with a Redkite social worker to support children in hospital and their families

$1.58m worth of assistance

to families to help pay for basic necessities of life

1,900 individuals

supported in the community, beyond hospital

79% increase

in distribution of book club resources, in response to the growing demand for Book Club

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