About You Little Ripper

"Will you make a smooth move against cancer?"

“I'm raising funds to support children with cancer because their stories of courage and resilience, facing cancer head on, amaze and inspire me. I look ridiculous, 'first time waxing', a bit uncomfortable – yes. But it’s not much to do, to raise funds for children fighting cancer and raising funds ensuring support is there so no family experiences cancer alone.

"Could you be, or could you gather some friends to be, L'il Rippers and make a smooth move against cancer?”

Dan Culhane, Head of Family Care & Engagement at Redkite

Mark Rigotti, Redkite Chair

Meet Bridie and Hunter

"It’s hard to even explain the amount of difference it makes to us."

When Bridie’s three-year-old son Hunter was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and rushed into intensive care at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, the last thing on her mind was the financial hardship his illness would create.

But having to give up her full time job to be with her son, leaving her husband to work full time and look after their daughter, created “the most stressful time of our life. We had a huge mortgage and bills to pay”.

Redkite were there “to put food on the table at times and help with bills. To have that little bit less stress with the help of financial support makes it hard to even explain the amount of difference it makes to us as a family. And we're very, very grateful.”

Bridie Murphy and Hunter

About Redkite

Every year, Redkite supports children and families across Australia, helping them cope with the challenges they face as part of their childhood cancer experience.

Through the provision of social work services, child and adult counselling, financial assistance, music therapy and group support, Redkite helps families navigate diagnosis, treatment and transition home, and bereavement.

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Your questions answered

Is there an age limit for taking part?

Yes, you must be over 18 to take part in You Little Ripper.

What will the money I raise be used for?

The money raised through You Little Ripper will ensure that Redkite can continue to give families the strength they need to face childhood cancer. 

How can I sponsor someone taking part?

First search for the participant on this page, then: a) arrive at their online fundraising page; b) click or tap the red “Donate” button; c) complete the form with your payment details.

We’ll email you with a tax-deductible receipt.

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